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About Us

.Your Lock, Key, Security system and satisfaction is our key of business.
Columbia MD locksmith is a USA Maryland based locksmith service provider, with experience in locksmith service and security since 2008.
Our reliable and professional locksmith staff  take full responsibility for all work carried out with 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all services. We check up on our technicians from time to time to ensure continuous high quality work and positive feedback from customers.
Our locksmith services extend throughout Maryland . All work carried out is fully guaranteed so you can be assured you are getting the best possible service at a most competitive price.

We are providing the below service to both public and private clients throughout Columbia, MD.

  1. 24 Hour Emergency Lock Opening
  2. uPVC Lock Problems
  3. Lock Changes and Replacement
  4. Burglary Prevention, Lock and Additional Security Fitting
  5. Broken Key Removal
  6. On-Site Key Cutting

Your safety is our number one priority. Call us for any kind of need at   :443-860-0758